The Joys of Juicing

In our wonderful modern world food preparation can be basic boring or it can be exciting experimentation. Not only has our technology improved in this area, but so has our knowledge in nutritional science. Now we aren’t limited to just feeding a hunger, we can create masterpieces, invent new recipes, and give our bodies exactly what they need for optimal health.

One great addition to our list of food preparation tools is a juicer. People have been extracting juice from fruits and vegetable for ages. With a plethora of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables available, juicing is still a great way to extract all the vitamins and plant phytonutrients.

Though we still need to eat some whole fruits and vegetables for the fiber, there is just something refreshing about drinking a glass of fresh juice. Once you do, you’ll never buy the bottled drink again. Who wants watered down or over processed foods that lack in nutrition when you can have the real thing.

With the many options of juicers, you will need to do a little research. Find the one that fits both your need and your budget. Some things you will need to consider is ease of cleaning, how many working parts, what kind of warranty, if any, comes with your unit. Where will you store it and if you have room for a larger unit. Juicers vary in price from thirty-five to hundreds of dollars. You can buy the online, in department stores, or kitchen specialty stores.

Next, you’ll want to learn which foods juice well, like sweet potatoes, and which ones you can’t run through a juicer, like bananas. Buying organic would be ideal, however if that isn’t an option, soak what you can in one cup vinegar to one gallon warm water, then rinse. When juicing, you don’t need to peel, core, or chop. As long as the pieces fit through the feeding tube, down they go. All of the seeds, stems, and peels come right out in the holding tray. The other side runs with liquid gold. Don’t toss that pulpy fiber though, it can be added to baked good, salads, or even spoon a little into your fresh juice.

For those people who have issues with getting enough healthy greens and veggies, a juicer could be the answer. Kale, spinach, or any other leafy green can be added right in with the berries. Cucumbers, melons, and zucchini all make great additives due to their water content. Carrots, sweet potatoes and other root veggies also are great juicers. You can get creative and make your own combinations, or do a quick search online for literally hundreds.

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