Taking the Step Down

If you enjoy being on the front line, on the sales floor, doing the work of your employees, there is always the possibility of a certain situation arising within your business that could cause some complications. Whether you’re a shop owner, a valeter or a motor trader – being able to grow your business successfully relies on numerous things; such as the correct staff, the correct insurance policies and the correct product(s).

As you can understand, with a business’s success, comes growth, and with growth comes room for more employees and differing positions. Even your position as an owner and a manager can come into question, for reasons that aren’t obvious to some people.

As previously mentioned, your enjoyment of being the spearhead of your sales operation could lead to a big decision that you will need to make for the sake of your business, if growth is on your side – do you remain as a business owner, or step down, employ a new person to call the shots for you, and work as an employee at the face of your business?

There’s no doubt that it’s a tough decision to make, and you will need to consider the numerous repercussions that could come about because of the changes made.

While there is no doubt that you would enjoy your work if you were back on the sales floor with your employees, you must remain concerned that if you hand your business over to another owner/manager, changes may come about that, as the previous owner, you may not take to well. Dependant on the situation you have agreed with the new owner however, your say on the implied changes may not be taken on board or have the impact you would have hoped for.

That brings into question who you bring in as the new manager (if anyone). You will want somebody that will still respect your authority as the person who set the business up, and come in with a mind-set of not ruining everything – you’d be surprised at the amount of people that can manage such things by accident.

The best thing you can do if you’re going down this route, is to make sure you have somebody come into your business that will listen to your instructions on how you want to go about the business’s growth, and understands your reasoning for stepping down.

Providing that you have a positive relationship in the workplace with anyone you bring in to take over, you should still be able to suggest and make changes while they help to run things as you have explained.

On the flip side, it can be worth staying in charge and running things exactly as you wish, rather than taking the roles of your employees simply to enjoy being in that position. Obviously the choice is down to you when the time comes, but it’s worth considering these points and how they can affect you and your business in the long run.

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