6 Keys to Improving your Team’s Customer Service Skills

6 Keys to Improving your Team’s Customer Service Skills


1. Instant response:

There is nothing like missing out on your customer’s mail or failing to respond on time. Instant response is truly powerful, it can impress an angry customer and mellow her/him down and it also speaks a lot about the organisation you represent by keeping it in good light. Response is always immediate and hence always respond to your clients and customers right away.

Customer Handling

2. Your customer is always right, unlike your boss:

Well, your customer just knows about her/his problem or need. On the other hand, to the contrary you know their problem and the key to it. Understand the power of your role as a customer service executive. Hence, you need to gulp in anything that she/he has to say in times of anger for the time being. What you need to understand is that you shouldn’t be taking any of this seriously. It’s just a formal conversation from which you need to break ties both literally and metaphorically once the interaction is done.

3. Understand your customer:

While it is hard to understand as to where it pinches in your customer’s shoes, it is still necessary that you empathize with your customer. Try to look at the problem from the customer’s perspective and only then will you know the gravity of the situation. This will enable you to deal with issues effectively. However, this should be done with in professional limitations.

4. Communication:

Communication doesn’t merely mean talking to your customer. It means to make you interaction impactful with a purpose of achieving something. This should be done with utmost grace and professionalism. Everything from your greetings to your salutation should make the customer feel recognised and responded. Keep away from pre-set and customised write ups for issues and try to be as relevant as you can to the problem. The power of impactful communication is everlasting and hence the best use should be made.

5. Consistent Check and follow-ups:

No problem ends just in about one interaction. It takes abundance of interaction for you to serve your customer successfully. Own up to your job and constantly update your customer on every other development on the issue raise by her/him. The customer shouldn’t be left hanging especially in issues and processes where you need more time to effectively resolve.

6. Leave a smile on your customer’s face:

Maintain your calm throughout your interaction and sound responsive and appealing. Remember you are your customer’s hope and expectation and you need to keep up to it. Try fitting some small talk in the beginning or end of your conversation without getting any personal. This way the customer establishes trust in you and now in turn your prime duty to maintain it. At the end of it all, close you issue with grace and impact. It shouldn’t be mechanical process of a solving an issue rather it should be a humanistic way of closing an issue. This could include asking for any additional concerns, asking for feedback and informing the customer that she/he can get back whenever required. After all your prime job is to serve your customer and hence do it with compassion.

Four Reasons why Innovation is Important in Business Today

Four Reasons why Innovation is Important in Business Today


Would you buy Washing Powder Nirma or Vicco turmeric Ayurvedic cream if you see those age old ads today?
Well, certainly not right? If you still are, it’s high time you change your cable service provider.
The reason why these do not appeal to us anymore is primarily because the approach used then has no relevance how the market functions today. Innovation is a constant in every other avenue. Businesses are done building their space now it is time for them to sustain. Well, Innovation is the key.


Here’s why Innovation is important in business today.

Enables Creativity:

If you think creativity is just for artists and designers, it is so not that anymore. Your consistent urge to upgrade your work gives you a wider scope of being creative in your approach. People put their all to be creative because that’s what sells today. If you seek a service or a product, you would find many. However, there is always this one service, product or a model that stands away from the rest and is popularly consumed. For instance, there are a plethora of search engines available today on the internet, but still all that we use is Google. In fact, for many google is the only search engine they are aware off. The reason surely is the creative approach and the constant upgradation google does for its good. Well, you can ‘Google’ this if you want.

Ensures Longevity:

Nobody wants to die an early death including our businesses. Innovation is a very powerful in ensuring longevity of your business. The washing powder Nirma is still consumed today because the Rekha’s and Sushma’s have changed along their business model, appeal, strategy and consumers. Now their innovation in upgrading their product and their approach in market is what have promised them a longevity of decades.


Technology is the vibe of the hour. Everything today is technological and its consumption changes along with its upgradation. The amount of people using land-line today are almost nil. Do you think that the recorded messages we get for tax and bills on landlines will be effective today? For sure, it would not. We need all of that in our E-mail Inbox and specified websites. Well, businesses also need to apply this in their implementation in order to cater to its consumers regularly. It is more a mandate than a choice. One needs to use upgraded technology and innovation for their own benefit. You have everything ranging from nationalized banks to Mc’ Donald using phone applications and that explains it all.


You would walk out from a shop in less than a minute if you do not find enough variety and choice, irrespective of whether you need it or not. Businesses need to display a plethora of options to their audiences today in order to establish some reputation in the market economy. One has to feel spoilt for choices, such is the appeal and fame that has gained considerable significance, today. This choices are brought out completely based on the lifestyle of its probable consumers. Well, you cannot bring variety if you are not innovative enough. Versatility is what we all like. Well, Paytm allows you to pay money from your vegetable vendor to your girlfriend. What else do you need.